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    Post  Admin on Wed Mar 31, 2010 3:05 am

    Exclamation Guys and girls I've introduced a NEW ELITE FORUM.

    Don't go to the home page looking for it just yet. I've made it viewable only to members granted the 'Elite' status.

    Now this don't mean just because your bench pressing three times your own body weight and have quads the size of race horses you will gain elite status, it is earned by showing commitment to the forum by posing regular, having a running log for others to follow, sticking to the rules and conduct guide lines etc, etc. Elite member have the ability to view and post in the Elite Forum where things are alot more relaxed and discussions can be had on all matter of subjects including performance enhancing controlled substances.

    My reasons for keeping the discussion of steroids off the main boards is I would like to be used by young guys and girls and those who are new to training and I'm sure you agree there are two many people who train for two weeks and want to start a cycle. So I want to keep the info away from inexperienced eyes.

    Any questions please feel free to pm me.

    Regards Admin.

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