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    Post  Admin on Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:32 pm

    Training logs are an invaluable tool to any athlete no matter what level they are at. It is integral part of bodybuilding and all power sports that you know what is working for you and what is not.

    A good way of learning this is by logging your day to day routine, diet and progress. That way when gains in size and strenth are good you can look through your log and see what is causing the significant gains like extra hour sleep of a night, 40 gms of protein more a day or an exercise which you had previously not included in your routine.

    Also just as important is when gains slow down or even stop all together. A great method of diagnosing the problem is to read through you log and see if you have either changed something which maybe you should not of or need to up the anti because things have been the same for too long a period and your body has got used to it and is no longer getting the shock needed to force it to adapt and there for grow.

    Another common fault often only picked up from checking out your log is not getting enough sleep of night, easy to over look if your not clocking up each day hours your getting.

    You don't need to have been training for 10 years to make good use of a training log. Most gyms will give you a training program when you join and if your serous enough to enlist a personal trainer to help you get started the good ones will write you a detailed diet plan. A training log is just a continuation of this training program and diet plan but in greater detail.

    I can tell you 95% of successful bodybuilders, power lifters and strong men will keep a log and if they don't you can bet your last pound there personal trainer keeps one on there behalf.

    I touched earlier on monitoring your gains. For a log to work it is important you make note of your gains. Take photos, measure your body parts, weigh your self, take body fat percentages and write down the weight's you are pushing and lifting. These are all good ways to see your progress and without them you will not know your history.

    Also a great way to spur you on when you hit a plateau is looking back at old photos of your self 6 months in the past and see how well you have done.

    So don't leave it until next week, get started on you log today.

    Good luck with it and I look forward to reading your contributions on the boards. Admin. Smile

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