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    Beginners guide to body types.


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    Beginners guide to body types. Empty Beginners guide to body types.

    Post  Admin on Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:56 am

    For the new trainers reading this I can assure you with the enthusiasm, commitment, training and diet combined with the right supplements, pharmaceutical aides and most importantly genetics you to could one day achieve legendary body's like the great Arnold swartzenager and the current Mr Olympia Jay Cutler.

    Whether your a budding professional bodybuilder or just wish to look great it is important you go about it the right way.

    This beginners section is designed to start you off from day one and guide you through the obstacles and hurdles many have fallen at before you.

    When most men and women decide to change there physice there 1st port of call used to be glossy magazines. Most of which heavily promote professional bodybuilders and document there training programs and diets. Although these routines do work well for your seasoned pro who has many years of experience under there belt and the knowledge to improve on such complex programs, They are a one way route to failure for the beginner.

    The volume and intensity of training is well above and beyond what the beginner should be aiming for. In stead they should look to start from the bottom and work there way up.

    But not only is level of commitment hard to acheve for everyone but also you see I mentioned genetics. Genetics play a vital role in determining your body shape and size. Some of us are gifted with big strong arms where others have powerful well developed legs that respond well to little effort. We're all very different.

    A big reason many people turn to weight and resistance training is to improve on those parts of the body that are not genetically gifted. It is not a complete non starter if, for example you have very skinny legs and want them to be huge like a professional rugby players but you do need to realise that your genetics will be the biggest hurdle to over come. I my self was very skinny as a young boy and it was the dream of one day shedding the nick name 'streaky' that got me in to lifting weights.

    So many new trainers go in to the gym and follow a program not really know where they are at from the start. The 1st step you should be taking is to familiarise your self with the three body types there are and which you fall in to.

    Body Types.


    The easiest way to describe stereotypical ectomorph is someone that finds it very hard to gain weight at all whether it be muscle or fat. Someone that is referred to by others as to having hollow leg's or often called skinny. An ectomorph is at a big disadvantage because they tend to have very a high metabolic rate and need to take on many more calories than other body types to keep there body well fueled.

    But with this disadvantage comes a huge advantage. losing fat is rarely a problem for an ectomorph and looking lean all year round is easily achievable due to there high metabolism.


    Endomorph is the body type we all dream of, an endomorph has a well proportioned shape and a body that repairs from training well resulting with good gains in size and strength.

    Your average endomorph is admired for being in good shape when they often do little to be that way. But this don't necessarily mean that they are always lean. Quite often people mistake themselves for a mesomorph because they have a bit of a tummy on them due to poor diet and lack of exercise. Endomorphs will gain fat if there diet is heavily neglected.


    A mesomorph is at the opposite end of the spectrum from an ectomorph in the sense they have little to no trouble putting on weight. In face they struggle keeping the weight and more importantly the fat percentage's under control. If you are the person that is nicknamed 'big boned' of 'a bit of a lump' then chances are you are a mesomorph.

    Mesomorphs like the previous two body types have the advantages to. They tend to gain muscle mass without great difficulty's and retain a lot more water which helps greatly with your joints by keeping them well lubricated when you begin lifting heavy weights.

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