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    Welcome to please read!


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    Welcome to please read! Empty Welcome to please read!

    Post  Admin on Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:05 am

    Welcome to a new chapter in your life if your new to training wether your a budding young Mr Olimpia or just looking to lose a few lbs and gain some muscle to look good on the beach.

    It could be argued this board is the most important on the forum because of the importance of gaining the right start and creating the best foundations on which to build on.

    So now that you have posted your 1st thread on the 'Introductions' board here you can disscuss freely your questions, achevements, and goals along with you worries, conserns.

    It's vital you as a newbe gather as much infomation as possibal as the most important body part you can build is in fact not a muscle but your brain. I havn't a clue who first said knollage is power, but I'm saying it now.

    Please could more exsperianced members do there up most to give good factual advise and provide the help they needed when they started out. Admin. Smile

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