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    Question for the guys


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    Question for the guys Empty Question for the guys

    Post  fredll on Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:18 am

    Ok so winter is coming upon us its time to tuck away the abs and do some serious work inside the gym. My goal for the winter season is to add what you would call more muscle fulliness and thickness. The only example I can give is there is a video of Jay cutler working out chest with Evan i forget his last name Login these two guys are close to the same size but when you look at Jay he is more filled out and thicker than Evan seasoned muscle if you want to call it that. Well that is my goal this season i have all the size i want and can handle with the job i do (firefighter) i am already stuggling with the little bit i got. So the questions is how do i get that fullness or thickness. Currently im 5'10 274 as of this morning @ 12 percent bf. I plan on putting on some weight this winter to achive the look i want, is the key diet, training or both. With my diet im about 75 percent dialed in, i do cheat some in the winter in the summer i am at 85 to 90 percent dial in. I am thirty years young have been training hard for about six years (meaning with the right diet and so on but i have been training for more then six) i try to train everybody part every four days. The only days i take off really is when im on duty at the station for 24hrs. We only work 10 days a month. My training style is a little different then most. I do four sets 8-12 reps the first exercise is always light to heavy the rest of them is heavy to light. Chest i do about 4 to 5 different exercises, back the same but i do not include lower back in the same workout i seperate them. legs are about the same but rep range is 15 to 20, depending on what im doing. Arms 3 for bi's 4 four tri's. Delts are 5 to 6 (favorite bodypart for me) I train each part seperate or by itself should i say the only two a day i have is back (upper/lower) cardio is 4 times a week always around 520 in the morning on a empty stomach. 35 mins on the mill H.I.T or 45 mins walk at 10.5 incline 4.5 speed. Any help would be appericiated thanks in advance.

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